Brooder - can i use the same for brooding baby chickens and quails


8 Years
May 2, 2011

I am building a brooder. Can i use the same structure to brood baby chickens and baby quails (at different times/batches)?

i will use deep litter method where the wood shavings used as bedding will not be replaced but just topped off after every batch, (to promote immunity to coccidiosis).

i admit not having read/researched much about quail brooding.

is anyone in the forum doing this or should i have separate brooders for baby chicks and baby quails?

thanks in advance for your advices

You probably won't be able to do deep litter with coturnix, they just stink too badly. But you can use the same brooder for quail or chicks. If you are worried about disease transfer (shouldn't be if you have no disease in your flock) make sure to clean it real well and sanitize it with a bleach or Oxine solution in between species.

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