Brooder Escape!


Chicken Beader
11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
NW Kentucky
My 6 girls had started flying up to the top of the brooder and roosting on the side, so I put a screen top on it. That worked for about a week! The girls figured out that the screen was not heavy so they could fly up at it repeatedly and it would fall down and voile' Brooder Escape! Hubby has fixed that problem and the girls are not happy about it.
They screamed and fussed at the new brooder cover. :| But they are secure and safe and that is the important issue here afterall.

The girls new brooder cover:

They also got a new feeder today as a peace offering...they are once again happy with me. More food at their whim.

I am again the GOD who feeds, cleans and waters...who acts as a perch and gives them treats. Life is good.
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Ranger Rick
12 Years
Oct 27, 2007
Southwest Mississippi
My word. They are awfully sassy for seventeen days. What will you do with them when they get to be a month or more with all that back talk!


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