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    I am attempting to set up a brooder box for two or three 3 week old Standard Light Brahma chicks. Its been many years since I've had chicks and I'm looking for feedback on this brooder setup..

    The box is 29L x 25w x 16h

    Bottom is layered with shavings over newspaper.

    Top is covered with a couple of the box flaps with a vinyl coated 1/2 x 1/2 rabbit wire floor. (I raise rabbits) Due to cats in the house the wire top is required.

    I have a 100 watt light bulb and a 75 watt heat emitter sitting over the wire..

    I'm concerned the vinyl may get too hot...

    After an hour or so.. the box is upper 70's for temp...

    Links to the pictures:

    Would this be usable?

    Sheri in MN
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    I would say the chicks would get too hot...

    Would it be at all possible to get something with a higher lid? If you could make it a bit bigger, that would also be preferable. The general idea, though, is spot on.
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    I would use uncoated wire mesh, overheated vinyl could be toxic.

    2 sq ft per bird is a good size until they go outside at 5-6 weeks.

    Heat emitter probably isn't doing much - the heat doesn't radiate very far from emitter.

    The 100 watt light bulb on one end of the brooder will probably be good...should be about 8o-90 degrees on floor of brooder right under light-check it with a thermometer...but they need a cooler area too.

    If they are too cold they will huddle/pile right under light,
    if they are at the edges of the brooder and or panting it may be too hot,
    if they are scattered about and moving in and out of heat from light it's just right.

    A dimmer extension cord makes adjusting the heat very easy...or switch to a different wattage bulb.

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