Brooder Pneumonia or something worse

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    Jun 4, 2012
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    I am rather new to poultry keeping. I am raising Bresse and Legbars. I just moved a group of chicks out to my new outdoor brooder. I forgot the one rule I knew about chicken keeping...ventilation. I put heat lamps in the brooder and covered it completely with a tarp. Bad! Now two weeks later I have what I thought originally was Coccidiosis, then noticed respiratory wheezing and coughs and sneezes w/ gape mouthed breathing. I have culled three birds and against my better judgment started dosing water with Tetracycline and provided ventilation. That was the brooder and I have so far culled 4 of the most far gone chicks. I was thinking it was brooder pneumonia. Now one of my last adult Bresse Hens started having drainage from her sinuses and is wheezing. I immediately quarantined her. I had just moved 10 chicks to the coop about 4 days before she showed these symptoms. She is off her feed and water. Should I cull? Treat with ABX? I'm debating taking her to the Vet. Probably will. It kills me to cull her as my only other Bresse Hens were killed by raccoons. I was thinking Coryza and am dreading the possibility. If it is Coryza I have about 75 chicks in indoor brooders. When can I move them out and do I need to cull my whole outdoor flock?
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    From what I have read, coryza makes the bird smell bad (the facial area) but I have no experience with it.

    There isn't usually drainage as far as I know with aspergillosis- but that was your little chick population and I don't think you stated they have drainage- so you might get a necropsy of your older bird if you want to know exactly which disease it is- contact your state vet or county extension agent I have read.
    see pg. 5
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