Brooder Question from Newbie


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Hey all!! I'm getting some babies next month

Is there a section in here that describes brooders? Under the section "Raising Chicks, First 60 Days" I see some info--is that it?
Any more specifics for the brooder set up?
Is a 100 watt bulb good enough?
Is that bulb safe with a plastic tub?
Paper towels instead of shavings? Read that somewhere

I have 2 full grown hens that I rehomed in Oct, but haven't had chicks since I was a kid. We never had a brooder set up--just kept them in the basement till they were 3 months then back to Grandpa's farm they went!! They were always about 2 weeks old when we got them, we never lost one but they never had a heat lamp, either go figure
They had newspapers and fancy cardboard boxes that Dad swapped out as they got bigger, and they had to leave when my mother couldn't stand the smell anymore

Good grief I'm only getting 3 babies!!! You can all stop laughing now, or not...

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