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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by CARS, Jan 30, 2009.

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    I just got done reading 54 pages of the brooder thread. Well, OK. I passed out around page 30 something and woke up somewhere around page 40ish. Good info but I need some specific info.

    I have been using a metal stock tank as a brooder for the last 3 years. I have 2 heat lamps hanging over them and control the temp with different wattage bulbs and raising/lowering the lamps.

    When I get my chicks in the spring the temperatures here in MN are all over the place. That means constant monitoring and changes.

    So, I read the great homemade incubator thread(s) and thought why can't a brooder be controlled with the same items? Instead of one smaller wattage bulb use 2 heat lamps.

    Has anyone done this? Or have any ideas/thoughts on why or why not it would/wouldn't work??
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    they do have these but they are big like battery brooders, and pancake brooders have a wafer thermostat, im sure you could make something simmilar.
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    sounds reasonable...I use the stock tank thing myself...but I hang the heat lamp in one corner and figure that the little guys could self regulate...too hot go to non heated side...too cold stand under lamp...I do pretty good with that set-up...except the time the heat lamp fell [​IMG] smoked chicks are so nasty [​IMG]
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    Quote:That sucks. [​IMG]

    So everyone thinks that the same parts will support larger wattage?
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    You could always be the first to experiment and then we can copy you after you deal with all the kinks!!!! [​IMG] J/k I don't see why it wouldn't work...try attaching it to a surge protector first.

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