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Kinda have a problem or not but wanted opinions not technical mumbo.
We just had the most successful hatch yet. Out of 40 plus eggs, upon candle day.. 35 were active. Out of that, 29 hatched. Our regular old faithful brooder tub size is kind of busy. Had to use 2 the same size after a baby was trampled.
Again, without technical statistics or twenty questions.. What size would YOU be using for this size of a batch.
This is a hobby using a little giant still air bator with no turner. So our hatch rates are never this good.
Just curious what other small time hobbyists do not the pros.
Thanks in advance and taking the time to share. Good day!
I always go pretty big, when they are younger than 2 weeks a smaller brooder will work but after 2 weeks they become more active and need room to run. I had 20 in a 3x10, but had to move them out to a coop pen at 4 weeks because they were stinking up the shed. Mine are usually outside during the day in a temporary movable pen to keep them busy, and are out to the coop by 6-8 weeks or they will often start pecking each other.
Have them in a 3x5. Now two 3x5's. I have another incubator hatching next week and just used my other brooder to divide this batch. Thanks for the reply.

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