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That first week or two they do better with a smaller space. Than it's best to expand the brooding area every 1-2 weeks or so as they grow and become more vigorous. I'm not sure about the exact square footage per chick. Hopefully someone else has that information.


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A loose recommendation is (per chick) 1/2 sq ft for up to around 2 weeks, then 1 sq ft up to 4 weeks, then 2 sq ft up to 8 weeks. These numbers should work in an indoor setting, or somewhere where space is limited.

I don't follow those numbers myself because I raise my chicks outdoors, in very small groups (like 3-4 chicks) and I find that even at around 10 days old, they're antsy and active and want to get out, even though I start them at 2-3 sq ft each at 2-3 days old.

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