Brooder temperature problems


5 Years
Apr 17, 2014
I just purchased some chicken and turkey chicks. I bought a starter kit from the hatchery and set it up as directed. I am using a 250 Watt red light bulb but am having trouble getting the temperature to the ideal 95 F. With my thermometer I get readings of anywhere from 80-104. The chicks all seem happy and are never crowding in under the light nor are they trying to get away. Our coop is in an old barn and it is quite drafty. I put some cardboard over part of the brooder guard to help keep some heat in. I believe they must be ok with the warmth now but am wondering what to do as I try to bring the temp down to 70 F over the next month or so. Help please! I have no clue what I'm doing!
I'd get a new, quality thermometer, to see if it is your thermometer and not your lamp that is giving you problems.
I never use a thermometer. I go by how the chicks behave. If they seem fine, you're doing okay.

I use a plastic tub and put the light at one end so if they are too hot they can move away and if they are too cold they can move closer. The best way to ensure they don't get too cold or too hot is give them the option to move closer or farther away from your heat source. I've seen chicks roast to death when the heat source is placed right smack dab in the middle of an enclosure and they don't have a way to get away from the heat.

To reduce the heat over the next month raise the lamp up higher from the enclosure over the next couple of weeks. If they are in an area where the temp is not regulated you might need to move the heat lamp closer on cold nights to maintain the same temperature in the brooder.

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