Brooder Too Warm???


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
So I have seperated our chicks & ducks and the chicks are now in a big tubberware tub! The lamp has a red (250W) Bulb in it. I have the lamp securley hanging above the box on one side. Thermometer is reading 90, but the chicks are acting like its too hot! They stay to the "shaded" side of the box and even lastnight I had a few chicks go to the cooler side of the box and lay down and spread their wings out like they were trying to cool themselves.

Should I move the lamp up and keep the brooder temp lower. I dont know what to do..hhmmmm

Wanted to add the ducklings have the exact same set-up and temp readings and they love cuddling each other under the lamp & on the shaded side!
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Yes, they are telling you that they are too hot. Either use a smaller wattage bulb or move it higher. Sounds like you understand the importance of making it secure.
Here is a pic of our set-up! I will move it up and see what it changes the temp too.. Should chicks want to lay directly under the lamp??

Wow. You should move those up, all right! That's a blast of heat in those small brooders.

You could probably use only ONE for both, half the heat to each, handing it over the middle. Heat should be ay one end, and there should be plenty of room for them to move into a cooler area.

Plus, those are infrared heat lamps; they do not heat the air, they heat THINGS - those babies are far too warm. If you put your hand in there, the air won't be too warm, but if you held your hand under the lamp at chick level, feel it warm right up.

Trust me.
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I was thinking of just using one lamp, but I was so worried about them getting cold. I was I guess more focused on keeping the temp at 90 like reccomended. It doesn't look like it, but the lamps are to one side (bad pic angle). The ducks are lovin the lamp and stay under it more. I just moved the chicks lamp up alot so hopefully that lowers it enough to keep them just right..

Thank you all so much. Its been so long since I raised chicks I feel lost trying to do "by the book" and read their signals. Glad I found this board
Agree. Reduce to only one lamp, set to cover the ENDS of each tub (like right against the wall). Your poor chicks are cooking!

I only follow the guidelines for temps the first day I have chicks. But I watch carefully. Usually they want it cooler. Right now I have 2 week old bantam chicks now who prefer to be high 70's/low 80's except at night when they get closer to the lamp where it's about 85. Listen to your chicks.

Make sure they have lots of water.
Honestly i have chicks right now and the same bulb you have is abou the same height maybe higher - and they just lay whereever and are happy - tho my tote is about 3-4 times bigger - perhaps that is the difference - seems like those littler totes may have the whole bin lit up - mine is rectangular and only has the light above the far back corner
OK so I just went out and changed everyones bins and turned the "chicks" lamp off! Placed the "ducks" lamp in the middle facing the back sides, so both are getting light! Right now everyones walking around playing & pooping on their fresh bedding. Its reading 85 in the chicks right now, I will check again in 10 to see what its at. Hopefully it will help!
I'm so glad to hear someone say that! We've been very carefully monitoring the temp with a digital thermometer we've had for awhile that I always thought was very reliable. But now I've been wondering if it was off by 5 degrees because the chicks seem much happier at about 90-91 degrees. We've been paying attention to how they act and trying to adjust for that too so I'm glad I'm not crazy.

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