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    As I posted earlier, I would like to have my chickens hatch some fertile pheasant eggs. My dilema is that I have a barred rock that has become broody on me. I have been told that barred's are not good setters and that I should pull her and put her in a wire catch to help get her out of her broodiness. I have acess to an incubator but no hatching experience. Should I let this barred rock set and try to get her to hatch my pheasant eggs or should I give the incubator a shot??
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    It would be a shame to waste a broody. I would try her and keep an eye out. Just keep the bator handy in case. I say go for it!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Lol I like the way you think!! I guess I wouldnt be debating if the thought to try it wasnt there!
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    I haven't heard that before. But I agree, I'd give her a shot! [​IMG] She may turn out to be a very good mother.
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    I have a black rock sitting on 8 eggs as I'm writing this....going strong, on day 10. I was told she wouldn't be a good sitter either. I think it just depends on the individual chicken. I also have a silkie that won't go broody for the life of me, they are supposed to be great broodies.

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