Brooding Concerns

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    Mar 6, 2015
    I have a hen that went broody on March 10th. Here's a couple of things: first she switched boxes after about a week not sure if she moved the eggs or not. Either way she is staying on the nest. For the past week another hen has moved in the same box sitting along side her. Not sure if I know her intention are good or bad? Most importantly the hen that has been broody I have concerns for her. Her comb is looking dried out and her beak isn't a bright yellow anymore it looks faded compared to her counterpart who is the same breed - sharing space in the box. It would be nice to see some chicks but not at the expense of my hen. Don't know if it's healthy for her to continue to sit on the nest. I have placed a small cup of water in there for her but I can't tell if it's been drank or just evaporating- not much is gone so I feel it's the later. Any suggestions anyone?
    Thank you.
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    So are you trying to hatch eggs? Or are they just sitting? If you aren't trying to hatch than break the broodies because it is taxing to sit there all day for no purpose. The hen should get off the nest once a day to eat, drink and have a dust bath, it's easy to miss it unless you are watching all day. While broody, hens will lose weight and sometimes get too many mites, so I always dust mine. The comb shriveled and loses it's brightness as a sign that the hen is out of lay.

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