brooding light


9 Years
Feb 15, 2010
the light is 2ft off the ground and i dont have a thermometer but they crowd to the farthest corner with and with out the light
You need to raise the light further away from the chicks-they are too warm.
Maybe you could invest in a cheap thermometer just so you'll know for sure-also handy in case you ever brood more chicks.
Make sure they have plenty of water and provide some shade for them to get away from the light.
Good luck with your new babies.
You bet! By the way,
I am trying to decide whether or not to use a red or clear brooding light. I was told that the red light helps deter them from pecking each other. Any suggestions?
I would use a red heating light. Make sure its specific to heating because sometimes the red coated lights have a toxic coating on them that will kill the fuzz butts. Also the red is less intense and deters picking like you stated. I would also advise a thermometer and start at 95 deg/F first week and drop by 5 deg/F each week. they should be randomly spaced moving throughout. even when sleeping. they shouldn't be bunched up away or under the light. Like someone else mentioned its good to provide them with a covered side that they can get out of the light in a little darkness and also it cuts down on draft if there is any. hope it helps good luck.

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