Brooding quail indoors


Nov 27, 2017
Argyle, Manitoba Canada
Hi all,

My Coturnix quail are about 3 weeks old( feathered but head still fuzzy)

All Appear healthy and happy. I live in a very cold Climate and I wondering how to wean them off heat, I have read conflicting information and threads so just looking for info from people who have raised quail.

The temp where they are house indoors is 21c I’m wondering when to turn the light off...

we have a heat lamp going and they are sleeping wing to Wing but not on top Of each other.

moved the lamp again today so that they still have a warm spot but it’s much smaller.

Anywho I want to move these out to the aviary at 6 weeks with as little
Shock as possible. Temp in the barn is about 0c

10925224-6448-4219-9416-268FD660D4F2.jpeg BD47F3D5-8F75-4D7D-B8CA-3A6BCC8595AC.jpeg
Once they are fully feathered, as long as they are protected from drafts/wind, they will be fine. You could start by turning off the light during the day and putting it back on at night if you think they need it. They'll peep loudly if they are too cold so they'll let you know.

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