Broody at 33 weeks?


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9 Years
Dec 29, 2010
Isn't it too soon! She just started laying at 24 weeks. Paprika usually lays an egg, hops out of her nesting box, and sings her loudest egg song for the whole neighborhood. Today, she's been sitting on her egg for about an hour. Can it be true?
Not a bit too soon. I had a pullet turn 7 months old (28 weeks old), lay a couple of eggs, she's been broody ever since. On her second clutch of chicks.
Eh, I'd say give it a day. I have hens who take a little longer in the nesting boxes, but it doesn't mean they've decided to lay. What breed is she?
I've had a few hens who have become broody as soon as they started laying.....foung them hidden about the place on a pile of eggs without even knowing they had come into lay.
Is she sitting flat, like a pancake? When you approach her, does she puff up and shriek like a banshee? The true test is if she stays in the box overnight, rather than going to roost.

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