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9 Years
Oct 6, 2010
One of my hens(Goldie, Buff Orpington)has been acting a little different than her usual sweet self. First of all, she's been sitting on the nest box a little longer than normal after she's laid her egg. Goldie also puffed up and made what could have possibly been a growl, but it was so short and quiet I couldn't tell when I reached under her to see if there was any eggs. Second, Goldie has been making short, grunting noises when competing for food(such as bread, leftovers, etc.)and seems quite protective of what she has. Third, she's been more aggressive towards her fellow hens when most of the time she hardly pecks anyone at all. When she was dust bathing today she puffed right up and got after Jenny, a Silver-Laced Wyandotte hen. Any other reasons for her behavior other than being broody?
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Sounds like she is maternal :) . I have a 7 month old Buff Orpington doing the exact same thing. Except now she doesn't get off the nest. She'll sit on it even when there are no eggs. And she gets MAD when you make her get off. I'm thinking about letting her set on some eggs.
She is probably dreaming of having little ones to protect. If you've ever seen a hen all puffed up with babies all around her, you know you'll hear all kinds of great noises. My hen sat on the nest all night last night and there weren't even any eggs. She makes terrible noises when you get close to her.
Update: Today Goldie would crouch down and scratch in a dirt patch like she was going to dust bathe and them get up and walk away. She would also dust bathe for a minute or so and then get up and walk away, then come back and dust bathe for another minute. She is still making grunting noises. Goldie also sat in the nest box for over three hours and didn't lay an egg!
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