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My chook has been broody for around 2 weeks, and now Ive found some fert. eggs is it too late to stick them under her??
I really wanted her to raise some chicks but couldnt find any eggs until now. Will she stay broody long enough to hatch them if they are there, at the moment shes stealing the other chooks eggs to sit on and Im removing them daily.
I would think it still highly likely that she will hatch them. If you give her fertile eggs just make sure she is getting as much high quality nutrition as possible as the brooding process takes a lot out of them.

Good Luck,

I agree with pg, she should be able to go the distance, however each hen is different. The number of eggs depends on the size of the hen and the size of the eggs. You should be able to judge by how many she can cover adequately. Don`t get greedy. Too many eggs will result in a pore hatch as eggs get rotated out in the cold as the hen turns them. Good luck..........Pop
I agree with Lollipop. Besides, chickens can't count, so it's only about whether she has enough weight on her to brood an extra 2 weeks. She should be fine.
Awesome thanks everyone.
Ive ordered 6 and hopefully can pick them up this afternoon. She an orph x Sussex x leghorn mutt so decent sized and Ive been making sure shes removed from the coop everyday to eat much to her disgust
She seems to be staying the same size as her non broody sisters.
We dont have much choices for feed here, only two brands which seem to be much the same, so should I feed her pet food meat everyday to help boost her intake?
If you don't separate her, make sure you mark the eggs. Other hens will lay their eggs on top of her. If they are marked, you know which ones to remove every day.
Im thinking I might put her in our old rabbit hutch so my son doesnt collect the fertile eggs by mistake. Im just worried it wont be a 'nest' for her and she packs a nonsense and leaves the eggs alone?? Should I patch up the hole so she cant leave the hutch?

What should I mark them with? crayon?
Use a graphite pencil for marking. I usually use an old rabbit has hatched many broods...

I have also had hens hatch outside with only a makeshift shelter over their heads, hens are pretty flexible.

Again good luck,


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