broody budgie on coturnix eggs


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5 Years
Apr 11, 2014
Hi, i have 10 budgie and 5 quails and one of female budgie she had only one time become a mother and she had got 5 chicks and she had kill her male and due to today she had never make pairs with another i dont know why!! And till the begining of the year she started to lay infertile eggs and sit on them but i always remove the eggs !!

But i had idea a week ago she had laid 2 eggs and i have remove it and placed 3 coturnix eggs under her and today is day 4 the 3 quail eggs were warm and the baby chicks were growing inside she is a good mother but only dont have a mate and so she come out only when she is hungry and after she go inside and i an waiting the eggs to hatch :) ..
Keep us posted on the progress.... how did she kill her mate that's awful.....
And where are you from by the way :)
I thought a budgie was a parakeet? how in the world is a parakeet sitting on coturnix eggs?

looks like she could perch on one... somebody straighten me out here....

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