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Aug 11, 2015
Blairsville, GA
Hi there, my Silkie has hatched two of her chicks at least 24 hours ago. There are still eggs unhatched. How long should I wait to either take chicks or the unhatched eggs? Shouldnt she have taken the new babies out to start eating? And if not what should I watch for or when should she take them out?
Is she still sitting on the remaining eggs? If she takes her hatched chicks out, she probably won't return to hatch the rest. If she considers two chicks a done deal, you'll need to hatch the rest in an incubator now.
Hi. I would leave them until she abandons them and leaves the nest with her babies. She will do. Once she's done that you can probably move the eggs. I did the same thing just today, the four that she eventually abandoned (only two hatched
) three were empty and one had a fully formed dead chick inside. Don't know why it didn't hatch so I've just asked same question on here. Good luck with yours!
My worry is she hasn't taken them out yet to eat or drink. I have another broody hen now was considering moving the remaining eggs to her so the two chicks that hatched can eat and drink.
They can live off the egg yolk for a couple of days so don't worry too much about the chicks not eating/drinking just yet. Of course, if you are really concerned, you could always put a little tub of food and water(don't forget pebbles in it to stop chicks drowning) within reach of the nest so that she can continue to incubate remaining eggs and look after chicks. It is not unusual for there to be a day of two between eggs hatching in a clutch, so what you are seeing is pretty normal.

How long has the other broody been setting? If she is still only in the initial stages, she may not be ready to accept chicks hatching and may be aggressive towards them. Or it might trigger her to abandon her own eggs in order to raise any chicks that hatch from these eggs and then you would be in the same boat again, so I would leave the eggs with the hen that has them now for another day or two anyway.
Good luck with them and congrats on the chicks you have so far.
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