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    I have 2 broody chickens sitting on eggs. One is real nasty and I have a hard time messing with her eggs. I tried to mark them but the marks have worn off. What do I do? If an egg hatches, do I leave the others in there? How long? Should I separate the broody hens? Can they be together while separated?

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    A broody will stay on the eggs until she believes all the eggs that will hatch have hatched. Then she will position them under her while the chicks keep warm under her. When she moves off the eggs and lets them get cold that are done. Some times another chicken will lay in the broody's nest while she is taking care of business. That could be a week after she started to set.
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    Can they be together while separated?

    This is a question I am not about to try to answer.[​IMG]:lau

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