Broody confused!

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    Nov 16, 2015
    So I went out this morning looking for one of my missing ducks only to find her sitting on a clutch of eggs in the chicken box that she hid under the 3 inch layer of hay. I let myself get excited that she was acting broody and sitting. She was there from 6-1pm and then it all changed. One of the hens refused to allow her to sit with her eggs there and proceeded to get in with her to lay her egg. I got her out and as soon as my duck got out to eat she jumped back in and wouldn't let the duck back in. I fought with her for an hour and finally gave up. It is now bedtime and everyone's gone to be locked up and she's still sitting. If I take her off is there a chance the duck will get back on? If not I plan to leave her but is there a chance that I can be successful at removing the duck eggs and adding chicken eggs instead? I would rather have chicken eggs if the chicken is sitting. [​IMG]

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