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Hi, I'm new to geese. I bought a pair of what I'm told are American Buff geese from a friend of mine. They are the absolute sweetest geese ever. Anyway, the female started laying about 2-3 weeks ago. She kind of rolled the eggs around, then gathered them in the nest, then one day would sit on them, then roll then around again, sometimes hiding them under the bedding and other times leaving them out. Whenever I checked the eggs they were cold and in different positions, not gathered up in a clutch. This went on for about 2 weeks. About 3 days ago she gathered them up in a tight nest and began setting and has not budged! what? Will they hatch or do you think they've gotten too cold? Do they have a chance? I would love to see little goslings around!

Thanks for any advice you have
I am new to Geese also I am interested in what people have to say ? .....Whats the Temperature been around outside for the last three weeks ...? Is your coop insulated ?
I am hoping some will hatch for you ....
From what I've read this is what geese do. Lay a pile of eggs and then, when they find they have enough, sit. That way the eggs hatch at the same time - very practical! It would be impossible to both sit and hatch the last eggs while having to care for the new goslings.

As long as the eggs haven't cracked from frost, they should be as good as new.
Start thinking about how you are going to house the goslings! Assuming one of yours is a gander that is...What you described sounds like normal behavior for a VA goose in February. The days she sat on them in the nest were probably the COLD days and she was protecting them from a deep freeze. Cold days she would cover them. and days 35-50F she would be sure that they got moved around. (read the advise on the storage off eggs for hatching) I live in central NC and that is what my geese would do. It has been cold here the last 3 days and it is possible that she didn't budge. It is more likely that she made VERY QUICK trips to get water and to poop(big and very stinky) I have seen a broody goose knock the gander out of the way so she could get a drink and get back to the eggs before they cooled in cold weather. In warmer weather ~55*F+ they take it a little slower and even stop to bathe and make it back to the nest in 20 minutes. One word of warning. In a few days she may push some of the eggs out of the nest, DO NOT REPLACE them. they are dead and may have started to rot, if so they can actually explode which is likely to doom the whole nest. Thats why she ditched them. Carefully dispose of them so the nest area will be more healthy for her and any goslings. Come hatch time the gander may tend to stay close to the nest and take charge of the goslings that might sneak out from under her while she is hatching the late ones. GOOD LUCK!
Last warning they (both goose and gander) are likely to be VERY protective of the goslings, which are likely to be scared of you. If you want to get to know them give them a couple of days and get down on their level and stay still you can coo or make other sounds to get them to check you out. If the parents trust you they may even allow the goslings to play (and poop, of course) on you.
I also noticed this. This year, my geese should be 2 years old. There was a lot of gathering and rolling (and stealing chicken and duck eggs) and then she went broody. I did not have any fertile goose eggs, but she only has laid about 4 this year and none turned out fertile. However, she did hatch out a duck and seems content with that. I'm just glad to have a dedicated broody!!!
It is GREAT tha she got the reward for her efforts. My first goose lost her gander over the winter so none of her eggs were fertile. She had been depressed and lonely without him and the eggs gave her a new purpose in life. I was wondering what I should do about her, the eggs would not hatch and I was trying to find anything to replace them with. Fox got her because she was trying to defend her infertile nest. RIP Never again a lone goose!
Oh thank you all so much for your advice! Sorry it took me so long to reply, today was busy at work.

Thankfully I do have a gander, so I can only hope they're fertile. She is the sweetest goose. I sat next to her and put a bowl of food near her and talked to her, petted her, she just sat there making a little goosey soft little sound. She's in with the chickens (now perhaps not the best idea, but not much I can do now) and they were trying to eat her food so I shooshed them away. Well, she saw me do it and then I stepped back and she started doing it! It was so funny, she knew the food was for her
I really hope I get babies, I can just see it now!

DH was talking about buying a house for her! Now DH is not a chicken lover - and he didn't want me to get geese, but now that he's met her he really likes them. It cracks me up that he wants to get a little house for her and her 'husband'. Just wait if there are any goslings...his heart will melt. hee hee. (mine too ;-)

Oh - I forgot to add that my area is about 30-40 at night. She always sits on them at night, but before the last week, she was outside and I never saw her on them during the day. I'm so happy - she is one broody lady!
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From what I have read, it is not a good idea to take food and or water to her. She needs to get off of the nest to use her legs and stretch her muscles. If they do not get up and move they can be lame by the time the eggs hatch. Again this is from reading not personal experience.
You're kidding, oh thanks! I'll remove her food bowl tomorrow then. Isn't it funny how sometimes "pampering" them is really not a good idea? I forget they're not human sometimes. LOL

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