~Broody hatch and Incubator Hatch ???"s~


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Mar 20, 2008
I have 8 eggs under a LF Cochin and 26 eggs in the 'bator. All due today/tomorrow. I have one hatched in the 'bator.
Can I slip it under Mommahen?
How many can she handle?
When should I try, after the chick is dry?

My human baby didn't give me this much angst!


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Sep 10, 2008
Lakeland, FL
I would wait until at least 1 of her eggs has hatched. Mine seem to do better with introduced chicks if they already know they have live babies.


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Apr 23, 2009
Lifting up this discussion.
Here is our situation:
just found out that one of the hens went broody (today probably is second or 3rd day). I took her eggs away right now (two plastic ones and 1+1 real). Well, the plastic ones she might find in the new nest I made in a different room of the coop.
I planned to start the incubator on March 4-5 (with New Moon) with probably 3 doz eggs again.

What would you advice for me to do?

Would it be okay to have 3 doz chicks (in case most eggs hatch, including the ones I give her) in with the hen in a cage like this (this is the one we used last year for 24 chicks that hatched, just the heat lamp this year will be completely different)? If so, then maybe I could let her sit on eggs in a week or so (in the coop with everybody) and start the incubator at the same time. Then move her to the basement (where the cage and incubator are) few days prior to our due-date. There would be heat lamp, so I won't need her to warm all the chicks, I just 1) worry that they will hurt each other trying to get under mama 2) I don't want to have to care for 2 separate packs of chicks, worrying that those with mama-hen would eat layer feed and whole grain, etc... or separating everyone in 3 places - 4 hens+roo*, mama-hen+chicks and incubator chicks.

Or maybe I should keep taking away her eggs for 2+ more weeks, until my planned date for the incubator... but then, again, can I place all of the chicks with her into the cage?

(*I hope or roo is okay and will survive - I have to read on what molting should look like - he is more and more naked everyday)


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