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Oct 30, 2011
I have a couple of Broody hens that have decided to set a few eggs .

One of the hens (Buff orpington) has a corner nest tub and and I have noticed a couple of times that the hen has gone AWOL.
Some of the other hens are still trying to lay in the nest with her and i think she gets pushed out or leaves from aggrivation.

I find her and put her back and check to see if the eggs are still warm and up until now they have been maintained intermittently by another hen.
Tonight I found the broody had gone AWOL again, this time i found her setting on more eggs in another location. The first clutch of eggs were cold to the touch.

I put her back on her original nest and she takes to it readily and stays there, but my question is that since the eggs were left unattended and got chilled are they going to be non viable now? (approximately day 4 or 5 of setting) Should these eggs be discarded and new ones set or will they be hatchable if she will continue to maintain the current nest?


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Aug 12, 2009
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At this time of year, they may be okay. But I would segregate her pronto so this can't keep happening. If you can give her an area even as small as 2x4, she will have room for her nest, a feeder and waterer, and that is really all she needs. Just a small pen with a 1x2 frame covered in chicken wire, will keep the other hens from booting her off the nest to lay their eggs, and allow her peace to sit on her eggs.

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