Broody, Heat Stressed or Sick??

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by thailand, May 10, 2019.

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    Can you post another video?
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  2. Thanks for your reply :) I will post a new video here later today.
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  3. Here's several videos of her at 10am this morning.

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    Dallas, Georgia
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    I hope she will be ok!
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    I am not sure I would try another antibiotic without having testing done to see if it is a bacterial infection. Aspergillosis can look like this too, as can viral infections. Are you sure you can't find a vet?

    Another possibility is gapeworm. Are gapeworms common in Thailand?
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  7. Hello. I dont know if gapeworms are common here or not.....but I've decided to treat her anyway. Based in her weight of 2.5kg, this morning I gave her 0.45 mls of valbazen orally. I'll do the same for the next 2 days.

    I'm also wondering if I should try dosing her with Fluconazole in case it is Aspergillosis. It's possible that could be the problem. I've been away in New Zealand for 6 weeks recently and left all my animals in the care of family members. They do their best....but its just not the same. The ducks live in a duck house at night with hay on the floor. During the day they free range with the chickens and guinea fowl.

    With Fluconazole, I can get 200mg tablets. Dissolving 1 tablet into 10mls of I correct that I then draw up roughly 1.4 mls of this for her? She weighs 2.5 kg (5.51 lbs).

    And....should I wait with the Fluconazole until the 3 day course of Valbazen for gapeworms is finished first? Should I add any other medications (antibiotics and/or anti-fungals)??

    Edited to add: I think a vet here would laugh at me if I brought a duck in. It's bad enough taking chickens and goats :)
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  8. Ok, I've given her the 2nd dose of Valbazen today. It's seems she's mostly just sitting down today and so I want to get started on the Fluconazole asap. I've been doing some research and note that some success has been had by combining both Fluconazole and Terbinafine (Lamisil), and so I'm off to buy some of that now.

    Unless I hear otherwise, I'm gonna go with the dosage in my last post above for the Fluconazole - but if someone could PLEASE help me with the correct dosage for the Terbinafine (Lamisil) I'd be MOST grateful.

    Many thanks :)
  9. Ive just arrived back home and all I could find was more Fluconazole 200mg. I have already given her one dose of this.

    It seems Thailand only sells Lamisil in topical cream form. :barnie. There's no way I can put that down her throat right?

    Any other suggestions as an addition to the Fluconazole?

  10. @casportpony. Id love to hear your wisdom on this please :) :)

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