Broody hen adopting chicks help


Apr 2, 2016
2 1/2 monthes ago I had one of my hens go broody on me. I tried everything to "break" her of it but nothing would work. Not locking her out of the coop, removing the eggs daily, putting her in a cage with nothing but food and water to cool down her vent, or letting her sit in a bucket of water to cool down her vent. And despite me removing her from the nest twice daily, after so long she was starting to look ruff weight and feather wise. So i deceided to go yesterday and buy two day old chicks since I dont have a roo and her sitting another 3 weeks wasnt a good idea to me. Last night after it was completely dark i slipped them under her and all seemed well. But this morning only one was under her and the other was beside her. She isnt attacking either one and ive heard her talking to them and saw her showing them how to eat out of the food dish close to the nest but she hasnt gotten off the nest herself yet. Is this normal? Also is it possible for a hen to only adopt one chick? The one that was beside her doesnt really stay under her like the other one. She isnt attcking it and while both chicks were out she was making clucking noises at them and showing them how to eat but once the one she favors comes back into the nest she and the other chick dont really say or do much though they stay close to eachother? While they are both day old chicks and similar in size the one she favors is slightly smaller and seems more timid than they other one. The slightly bigger one seems to move around much more and is out of the nest more eating. Sorry about the long story but should i leave both chicks with her and see how the day goes or should i remove the one who isnt under her as much and try again tonight? Thanks in advance for any input :)
Also just a bit more info about the broody, she has been broody before and i let her hatch out 9 babies. She was a great mom and as soon as all her babies hatched and were dry she had herself and all of them out and about. So the fact she still isnt off the nest worries me a bit
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There are no eggs in the nest, i removed them last night as i placed the babies in. Im in fl and its 80 degrees right now but im worried since the babies dont stay under her they will get cold or something. Everytime i come out and check on them they are out now and the go back into the nest but the mom doesnt really make much of an effort to get them under her. She just talks to them alot

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