Broody Hen adopting new chicks -- Questions!


7 Years
Oct 23, 2012
So my broody hen hatched an egg three days ago, and tonight I got 10 new chicks that hatched yesterday. After an hour of fighting with her, I got all 10 new chicks under her tucked in for the night. Now I wait and worry that in the morning she'll want to kill them all again.

In your experience, is momma a new bird in the morning? Will she love them all or will I need to set up a brooder? She's been an amazing mom so far to the peep that hatched under her. I hope she'll take to them all by morning.

What do you think?
I've had moms who would adopt anything, the more the merrier. I've had others refuse to adopt anything.
The weirdest thing I ever had happen was with a black copper marans broody. I stuck a half dozen or so chicks up her. She adopted the black ones and terrorized the white delawares.. I tried for 24 to 48 hour and she refused to accept the white chicks.
Thanks...I'm such a worried mess at the moment. I've never done any of this before, and I'm doing so much reading online. She's inside tonight with her brood of babies in a dog crate so I can pay extra close attention in the morning if there's any trouble. So far everything I'm reading mostly says if babies manage to get under momma, then she'll take them by morning. I really hope so!!
None of my hens would have taken them by now. Right at hatch, or even a day or so later, yeah, no problem. But my hens seem to have a 48 hour window of "what is and isn't my baby" and anything over that time just ain't gonna happen. So, hope for the best but prepare for the worst, you may have to brood them.
So this morning started out pretty nicely. Momma and babies in the dog crate were getting along fine. I let her out, and she only lets her original baby follow her around the yard and started pecking at them when I put her back in the crate. Should I give her more time, or is this a wash?

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