Broody Hen Advice needed!


8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
Northern Wisconsin
Well my broody silkie hatched a very healthy chick Tuesday day. However, she still is brooding on 3 eggs I am sure one is bad, but the other 2 I know were behind at least a week or more from the orginal 4 eggs due to a mishap in taking the wrong eggs one morning ( my hen was in the coop with the rest of the hens who would lay eggs in her nest when she would get off it).

Anyways, I waited the recomended 36 hrs to see if she would stop and show her new chick what to do (food/water wise) Well she never did, I can tell she wants too because when I take the chick out she is struggling to decide to come to her chick or stay with her eggs....

I have taught the chick to eat and drink and it will do this on its own while mom sits, my question is since it is eating on its own/ drinking now is it fine to be with mom till the other 2 eggs hatch? I really don't wanna seperate since the chick really has no one else and would be in a brooder by itself. But since moms not moving baby spend most of the day under her only comes out to eat/drink or if I come to check on them...

Also since the chick is older will it peck at the chicks that should hatch soon?

My hen is not going to leave these eggs for this chick.
I'd probably let nature take its course, whatever the outcome. Maybe make sure the chick continues to eat and drink. I don't see any way that interfering would change the outcome, unless you put the eggs in an incubator and hoped mama would start exploring with her chick.

If I were sure one was bad I would remove it. She can't count -- but you could always replace it with a golf ball or other pretend egg. I'll bet she won't know the difference. You don't want to smell, or clean up after, a bad egg that exploded.

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