broody hen and chicks hatched in incubator


Mar 5, 2012
Westmoreland, TN
I have a hen that is broody, she has been sitting on the nest for a week. I have chicks hatching this weekend, do you think she would take the chicks and raise them? I really don't want to set any eggs under her at this time.

Its entirely possible. I recently tried this with a hen that has been sitting for a month, but she didn't accept them. I had slipped them under her and would take a golf ball out, but she then grabbed one by the foot and drug it out from under her.

It all depends on the hens personality a week may not be enough time. If you are going to give it a try, you should be ready to jump in and rescue if need be. If it works, ta da, she will do the rest and your babies have an easy "in" to flock pecking order.

If not, you get to pamper and baby the babies yourself.
(who doesn't love spoiling their chickies)

To sum it up, give it a try, either way is a win if you are there to intervene if things don't go well.
Actually, what you could do is put the eggs under her before they actually hatch. That may be the better option, but I would see what others say on that idea first.

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