Broody Hen eggs due to hatch today!!!


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Sep 17, 2012
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Ok so my RIR has been sitting 21 days today on 3 eggs one pipped and hatched last night! Happy healthy lil yellow fuzzy butt
. The other two haven't even pipped yet should i candle them or leave them be? I will need to move mama and babies because nest box is high off ground and doesn't have but a 3in lip on it so I need to know the best way of doing that.
It would be better to wait until the other chicks have hatched as well, before moving them. Is there anything you can fix across the front of the nest box's lower half to keep the chick in? Just in case it gets adventurous.
I am gonna put some wire across the front of it for now. Just went and check on her and baby he/she is staying snug under momma. Still no sign of piping on the other two though.......
Some times it takes awhile. 6 out of 8 of mine hatched yesterday and my broody is still sat on the remaining 2 so she will know when its time to give up
Well she gave up on the other two so I candled them and they had died looks like at about day 18/19 most of the yolk had been absorbed, but not all of it. Just glad she has one happy baby. It is running around with momma with the other hens and the roo. Haven't notice anyone trying to peck him/her either.
That's good. I'm glad she got a little one to fuss over. Enjoy!

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