Broody hen got off best...

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8 Years
Mar 20, 2011
Lillian, AL
I have a broody Cochin. As I realized that she was broody I put several eggs under her--she has been on them for 2 days. This morning she was off the nest and in another box--sitting on another egg. I felt the eggs and most were cool. I removed the ones that I hadn't marked and put in a different box.
So, I am guessing that other chickens were wanting to lay on that nest and forced her out. She sat on another nest and never went back.
I put her back on the original eggs.
Are those eggs in that clutch still viable? Or have they cooled and now will not hatch?
That happens a lot. The hen is off the nest for her daily constitutional and another hen decides to lay in her nest. When she returns the broody gets confused by another hen being on her nest and settles in another nest.

It’s obviously not a good thing but it’s unlikely the eggs were damaged. Last time that happened to me the eggs were all real cold to the touch. I put the hen back on her nest. She hatched 11 out of 11.

You can wait about a week and try candling them if you wish. You should be able to see development inside by then unless your eggs are blue, green, or dark brown. Those colored eggs can be hard to see inside. Or you can just let them go. I certainly would not toss them.

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