Broody hen got off eggs


6 Years
Mar 31, 2013
Ok so my hen was broody. Stuck eggs under her. Then another hen stole the hatch because she went broody. At some point between yesterday and today the hen got off the eggs. I tried putting original hen on it and she wanted no part. All six eggs were cold. I ran them inside and put them in my incubator but I'm a week away from them hatching. Does anyone think they will hatch?
Could well do. Don't give up!

I had eggs hatch from a nest that got flooded in a storm and the eggs were floating about in the run the next day. They were stone cold.

Then the nest got tipped over and eggs fell onto the ground from about 4 foot high, and scattered all over the place. I did not expect any to hath but most did to my surprise.

Nothing to loose just giving it a go.,

I do know that when the chicks in the eggs are near hatch date they start to make their own body heat in the egg, so I think it might work.

good luck. let us all know what happens.
Thank you. This is my first go at hatching. Luckily I couldn't decide between the genisis 1588 and the brinsea mini advance. So I bought both. I had eggs already in the genisis and when this happened I set up the mini with the six cold eggs. Sometimes things just work out. I was stressing I had spent all that money on incubators! Lol. They came in handy! Ill keep you posted!
I also think there's a good chance they'll hatch. They can be quite hardy little buggers, and I find it's worse if they're overheated at some point than being cooled down. Good luck and keep us posted!
Yesterday was day 21. Nothing. I candeled the eggs but since they are mixed dark eggs I can't tell much. There is a silkie and it looks like the air cell is at day 18? And it looks like there's something in there. Ill give it till Friday. I read somewhere for every degree they drop in temp can add a lot of time. Perhaps the night the hen got off them was just too much as they were really cold. Ill keep you all posted!
:( to this group but thats terrible :( I am just starting out with mine and think that when it comes time to hatch , mine will go in incubator from Day 1 , esp since I have RIRs..
That's what other people said. Honestly I think my hovabator genesis 1588 was set too high. They were fully formed in shell but were not alive. I'm new to this too and the genesis was suppose to be preset correctly but I stuck in two thermometers and they read 102! I think that did them in. It's upsetting.

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