Broody Hen has Runny Poop


10 Years
Aug 25, 2009
Hello! We have two eight month old silkies that have gone broody. Each have 7 eggs to sit on. We had a cold snap (snow and all in Way Out West Texas) the night before last and yesterday. I left all the chickens in the coop all day with plenty of food and water (they normally get to free range on all over our in-town mini farm). One silkie gets off every morning for about 30 minutes, pecks about, drinks, rolls in the dirt, gets back on the eggs (oh, and she poos). She did not get of her broody box at all yesterday. This morning she ran out of the broody coop got past the run gate and blammie! pow! a forceful almost liquid poo came. She is eating, drinking, looks bright eyed and all....attacked a competitor for cracked pecans. Could this be because she was holding it all day yesterday? Should I check for anything else? No poo in the nest box or broody coop. Please advise if you know anything! thanks.
I've only had the broody experance once... however for the last 3-4 days she was on the nest she had the nastist liquid poo. Maybe it's because she's so warn out from the setting or is eating less or something but she did just fine. Her clutch will be 3 weeks old this Friday/Saturday and all is well. She's even carring for them with the rest of the flock, couldn't stand being off by herself any longer and all is well. They've been with the big girls for a week now.
I'm sure she's just fine. All chickens do a cecal poo at least once every day. It's a stinky splort kind of poop! As long as she's bright eyed, eating and drinking for a few minutes every day she'll be fine.

Is she a first time broody with eggs? She might be just so excited.
Both are first time brooders, just eight months old. The each have australorp eggs to care for; and we have one incubator with 7 of the same. It is a race. We will see if the Little Giant or Mother Nature does best this round. This morning she had much more normal poos, so I am feeling better about it. The Silkies are just so little...I worried half her weight went with that last gusher (not to mention hydrating liquids). Thank you all for the post.

So in conclusion: some runny poo from a super broody hen seems to be OK. Ours was better the next day.

I have a year old White Jersey broody hen as well. I had a RSL last year that got off the nest like clockwork each day. This hen is so different. She went 3 days without pooing and so I guess without eating and drinking as well. I have her in my garage inside of a dog exercise pen. She is sitting on 8 eggs in a big basket. The food and waterer is right beside her. I have even tried to put food inside of her basket with her and she refuses to eat anything. I have gotten her to eat scambled eggs and when she got off the nest yesterday I had just come back into the garage from opening up the doors for my other chickens in their coops. Well when I walkd in I heard this very loud burst of air and gushing sound. She had pooed and it was watery and went from half of the pen to the outside of the pen. I was probably 3 feet of poo in the floor. She layed outside the nest a few minutes and when I came back out to leave she was back on her nest. That was the wierdest noise I had ever heard. Poor girl was about to burst. She is so very determined and more fiesty than my last broody.

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