Broody hen hasn't gotten up in days.

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    so I am very worried about my greedy hen named Reagan she is a black australorp and she's been broody for about 2 weeks but the first week she sat on unfertalized eggs then I got her her fertilized eggs and seperated her into the garage in what I thought was a big enough it is 1' 4"X 4' 4" is that big enough? Anyway she hasn't gotten up in 4 days+ or I don't think she has their are no broody poops but I haven't checked her nest too well. I have been gone for 4 days on vacation and when I got back her chick water was only half down and I can't tell if she has touched her food. I'm starting to get worried about her. I don't know if she drank the water or if it was just evaporation. Can anyone tell me how to encourage her to eat and drink without pushing her off her nest I don't want to accidentally break her because I have before by doing that.
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    Don't push her off the nest, I'll bet she knows what she's doing. The 21 days are hard on a hen, but they do try to fatten up a little in the lead up to broodiness. She might, in fact, go days without getting up but for moments at a time. She'll eat, poo, and drink when she needs to, just make Sure she has feed and water available! Even if you hand her treats while she's setting there she will likely not take them. She's concentrating on the task at hand.
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