Broody Hen, keep her in the coop?


11 Years
Dec 2, 2008
Hi all, I have a broody hen with many well developing eggs (ive been checking them!) Im concerned once they hatch, that the setup I have might not work out. My broody is in her nesting box which is about 3 1/2 feet off the ground in a row with 8 or 10 other boxes. The chickens have to climb up ladders to get to the boxes. Once the chicks hatch, Im concerned that they will fall off the nesting boxes and not be able to get back up (they definitley wont be able to). Should I then make a seperate area on the ground for mama and her babies? Im also concerned that the other chickens and roosters will kill the liitle chicks. Should they be seperated? Ive had chickens for 2 years now but not any babies yet. Im nervous!
If you can remove the nest box and put her with eggs (babies) into their own little 'home' it would be great.
Most roosters won't harm their offspring but, I see here on the BYC where roosters made a big problem.-If you can keep momma and chicks in their own place until they are feathered and independent, then if you want to introduce them to the flock.
It's hard to move a "nest", your hen may abandon the eggs unless you can move the whole box. Think you're going to have to wait until chicks hatch, then move mama and her brood to their own area. The nest box you have now won't work for mama and her chicks, they need a flat area to get around on. You'll have to set up their own area for a few weeks. Good luck!
Yup thats what Im going to do! I have a seperate caged in area across the way from the hen house with a dog house in it. Thats going to be big mama's home with her babies when the time comes!!!

Cant wait! Ill post pics

That's a good idea. I had a bantam sat on eggs last year in her nesting box, she hatched them out and some got out of the nest and on the floor and some were in the box. You should have seen her steadily jumping up and down to them all...finally she got them all to come down and she kept up with them on the floor. she is actually just hatching out a set this year too...these I will take and raise in a seperate brooder until they are old enough to return to the hen house.

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