broody hen not eating or drinking

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by sonew123, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. sonew123

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    Mar 16, 2009
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    ok I believe the eggs are about 14 days old-shes laying on 14 of them-my 1 yr old BO hen-not quit sure of the exact age of eggs due to the fact that I didnt know she went broody adn went to collect eggs and there were 6-so I left them to "see" what would happen-well the other 2 hens just kept adding to the collection! I moved her and her eggs to another part of that run set up with her own mini coop and pen-when I did that she ate and drank pretty good and went right back in-it has been 4 days since and I have been trying to hand feed her or leaving the waterer right next to her head! nothing she's in a trance-so tonight I went down with her favorite food-shrimp-broccoli-rice and veggies-I pulled her out qith much protest from her-and I talked to her the whole time petting her---after a few minutes she took 1 bite of dinner and went right back in the coop! Is this normal?? I ve never had a broody before-she will not literally starve herself to death will she? what about dehydration? do I need to dress up in my protection garments everyday to make sure shes eats and drinks! Hope my other hens dont go broody-Wish they did 2 months ago!
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    Broodys eat, drink and poo when they think it is necessary. My broodys seem to go for days even though they have food and water near them. One broody is on her 3rd clutch and is quite healthy. I wouldn't worry too much chickens have been doing this since the dawn of time without our help or intervention. Oh, and I would wear oven mitts if you have to go near her [​IMG]
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    Don't worry, she's fine! That is normal behavior. She will not starve. In fact, I wouldn NOT take her off the nest (or move her nest), it will totally stress her out and mess up her careful schedule. Don't worry, she will eat, drink and poop once a day, no more and you probably just don't realize she went. Plus, she is absorbing the eggs inside her body as nutrition while she stopped laying. Once the eggs are about to hatch, she will skip several days of eating altogether. Once the chicks hatch, make sure you give her food and water next to her nest then, because she will not leave them anymore to get food until they are big enough to follow her. Just make sure she's separated (a wire barrier is fine) from other chickens so that they won't bother her food and water while she' has babies. Trust her, she knows what she's doing.

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    Quote:I had no idea they absorbed their eggs internally for food-totally makes sense! OK I will not move her again-she is in her own coop and run we will put smaller wire around bottom of pen so the little ones cant get out when they hatch..yeah thank you! alot less stress now!
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    O my hob. I was worryingg about this too. Thanks

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