Broody Hen. Please need information


10 Years
May 15, 2009
I have a beautiful Buff Orpinton hen who is 28 weeks old. Why has she gone broody at such a young age and why now when the days are getting shorter. I thought most went broody when the days start getting longer.
I'll just say I am in the same boat. Not sure what is up myself? We are entering fall here. I need to post a calander in the coop so the girls get on the same page. I guess let nature take its course this time.,
I have a broody white rock. She is sitting on 3 eggs. I have no idea why they're sitting so young, or so late in the season either. But she was a determined gal! So after decovering her sitting on plastic easter eggs, we decided to give her a few to see what happens. I only see her off the nest once a day!
They are simply obeying the little voices only they can hear in their heads...

If you don't want a hen to stay broody you can put her in a wire-bottomed cage set up a few feet off the ground with food & water but no bedding, so she'll feel a cool breeze up underneath. After a few days her system should be re-set to her regular broadcast schedule.
I have had my Orpingtons going broody (I have 4 of them) since last March when they were 29 wks old I think they're just very maternial LOL during the summer I had 2 hens go broody at the same time. The first time at 29 wks it didn't work because we just were not prepared w/eggs & such & so I broke up the nesting after she'd been sitting & they were not going to hatch & also it was cold & we just weren't set up for it. But the next time I let them go & I had 2 different girls each w/3 chicks. Then in Aug. I had another go broody & she's now got 6 chicks.....
They are some serious moms too....
Thanks everyone.....I feel bad for the poor girl. I'd love for her to be a Mom but I don't think the chicks would survive the winter and Mom would run herself ragged trying to keep them warm and I'm afraid she would starve herself taking care of the chicks.

I'll 'break' her of it (horrible ward) but I'll do it gently. I'm glad I'm not in this boat alone.

Hey heyeddah.....We moved from Meriden CT last year. Come on up. Jobs are good, cost of living is cheaper and the people are fantastic!
You are not alone!

My RIR hen, a little over two years old, is broody for the first time. This has been going on for three weeks. There are no eggs under her, and I have no rooster, so no way to get fertilized eggs. I am not set up for baby chicks right now, so have been lifting her out of the nest box twice a day and placing her gently on the ground. She is all puffed up and confused for a moment, then shakes herself and runs over to the water. She drinks, eats, and gets right back on the nest. I am hoping this will be over soon. If nothing ever hatches, do they just forget about it after a while? I am not that desperate for eggs that I need to put her in a cage or anything, but she has been one of my most dependable layers up till now.

I feel as you do, Purpletree. I would love for her to be a mom, but it's just not possible right now. Best of luck with yours.

PS Two of my new pullets are Buff Orpingtons, so I may be facing this again. I hear they are very frequently broody. At that time, I may try to get some fertilized eggs.
I don`t think you ladies have anything to be concerned about. I once had a hen hatch 10 when the temps were in the 30`s. The chicks were kept warm by mama and all survived. May be cooler where you are, but chicks seem to acclimate quickly when mom is in charge. Good luck.........Pop

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