Broody hen - to move or not to move?


9 Years
Feb 28, 2010
Ok, so one hen got sick (pretty sure it's old age) and I thought everyone else stopped laying as a result. Turns out that's not the case - they were just flying over the fence and laying in a tarp over a haybale on the other side. Ok, so now I have this pile of 30+ eggs and one banty hen that's claimed it as her own... on the wrong side of the fence. There's no protection from predators (raccoons, cats, etc) there but then I haven't seen anything going after my chickens lately. This is my first broody hen ever so I'm at a loss. Should I move her and the eggs into our chicken tractor or a dog crate? Should I leave them alone and take the chicks away and throw them in a brood container as soon as they hatch? Any advice is appreciated
I'd move her. I'd rather take the risk of breaking the broody by moving her then leaving her exposed to predation like that. Also 30+ eggs is way too many for a banty to handle so you'll probably want to trim that down when you move the nest. Do it at night, and keep the nest as close as possible to how she set it up and you'll have a better chance of her sitting tight.

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Ok, I took all but 10 and threw them in an incubator (no idea how long they've been out there but I'm not going to eat them so maybe I can get a few to hatch). I'd love to have her set the rest so I'll move her and the remaining eggs tonight. Whew! Wish us luck!
Definitely move her to a private place to hatch. Away from the others. If it's cold put a heat light nearby. She'll zone out and that'll be it til after she's done hatching. Usually.

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