Broody hen very thin

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    Aug 29, 2008
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    Just a question (I tried searching but cant seem to locate an answer) I have two broody hens sitting on a total of 15 eggs. I picked the one up last night to make sure she hadnt stolen any other eggs (the broodies are being moved saturday to new broody coops). She was so thin I could feel her breast bone. Is that normal? She has access to food and water , though I never seen her get off the nest. The other has lost some weight but doesnt feel as thin. I have at least 5 more days before the chicks should hatch. Will she be ok? She is my DH's favorite hen.

    just to add, other than the thinness she seems okay, eyes are clear and she is still the little screaming soccer ball that all broodies turn into.

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    Jul 30, 2008
    I beleive it to me normal.
    The fact that you don't see her get off the nest does not mean she is not. Broody's usually on get off the nest once a day to eat, drink and poo and it usually is far no more than 15- 20 minutes. The not so thin hen is probably eating more or longer when she is off the nest. This evening feel her crop and I bet you will find some food in it. In all seriousness I have never known a healthy animal to starve theirself when food is available.
    Maybe take her off the nest and put her somewhere and give her some scratch or a treat.
    All broody's will loose weight during the incubation period and generally do not gain weight until they boot the chicks from their care.
  3. jbowyer01

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    Aug 29, 2008
    Hogansville, Georgia
    I figured it was normal so thank you for confirming. This is the first time I have broodies and its not even their eggs. They are bantam cochins sitting on a toal of 15 of Miss_Prissy's bbs orpingtons [​IMG]. Once again thank you.

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