Broody hen - what is this odd rooster behavior?


11 Years
Mar 24, 2008
Columbiana, Alabama
I have 3 hens and one roo. Broody hen is setting eggs in one of 3 boxes (box 1) and the other hens always lay their eggs in another box (box 3). I lift broody off nest each morning and she goes back after morning outing. Nine days into setting I saw roo go into house while broody off nest and he got into box 3 and was pecking around and scratching with feet and being very vocal. A hen was standing there waiting to get into box 3 to lay her egg but roo just sat there in the box. Waiting hen finally got into broody's nest and was still sitting there when I left. Roo standing watch over her and very noisy about it. What is the rooster doing?? ? First time broody hen for me and I am just letting nature take its course and observing.


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12 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
Sounds to me like he's encouraging the hens to get back in there and give him some offspring.

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