Broody hen


May 9, 2020
I have a BCM that is constantly broody. It will take me a month to break her. She'll be fine for a month then she'll go broody again. We don't have a rooster, so no fertilized eggs. She'll sit in an empty nest. She is so skinny. I've thought about letting her hatch some, but I don't want more chickens now and I'm not sure if that would help. Any advise?
I’ve had chickens for 18 months now and I am going through the same exact problem. Over the winter she went broody 3-4 times. Spring and summer at least 2 more times. I finally let her hatch a few thinking she’d knock it off afterwards, but I was wrong. They hatched around the start of august, and I literally just kicked her out of the nesting box 10 min ago while her 8 week old chicks were walking all over. I’d say letting her hatch does not work.

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