Broody hens

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6 Years
Dec 12, 2015
County Offaly, Ireland.
I have been keeping a few hens for about four years now & one white leghorn has gone broody every year, successfully raising chicks each time. When she is ready to sit on eggs, I place another box in the run against the coop so she & the chicks are separated from the others, but still in the same area. They get the space under the main coop. Last year a white sussex also went broody but I didn't give her eggs to hatch. My question is if 2 (or more) of them go broody again, is it safe to leave them all together or will I need to seperate? The pictures give some idea of the coop & the run they have. The box I put in butts up to the green coop & fine wire fences in underneath, but it's only room for one.
2014-06-28 13.04.51.jpg
1st pic is four years ago when things were just being set up
You should be able to keep multiple broodies in the same area, as long as they are not sitting on the same nest.

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