Broody in winter?


7 Years
Mar 28, 2013
I have a Rouen hen, we have been missing her for the last 3 days my son went into the barn and "didn't see her" so we assumed she was killed by something. I went into the barn to fill water and food last night and happened to look in the back corner where it's dark. Darn if she isn't sitting on eggs. I shooed her off of the nest this morning to see how many there are. There are approximately 15 eggs she is sitting on. Is this normal to have a duck go broody in winter? Should I let her continue to sit on the eggs?
I have had winter broodies.

If you can keep her safe, provide a proper environment for her and any hatchlings, then you could let her brood. She will also probably molt soon after the hatch, so she needs to be warm and safe for that, too.
Thanks, she is in our barn, it is locked up at night and with the other ducks, I will have to put a fence or something around her when they hatch, I will have to candle in a few days to see what is going on. I have 2 heat lamps in there for them so I think that should be enough to keep her warm. I didnt' expect her to go broody, I read Rouens don't really go broody!
Neither do Runners or Buffs, and I have broodies of both breed
OMG so I just realized.... NEXT weekend (which also happens to be my daughters 2nd birthday. We will be having baby ducklings. Mama is sitting on a nest of about 15-20 I haven't messed with them at all. I have heat lamps outside in the barn for them, but how do I keep the babies safe from the other ducks we have. I have a total of 10 adults, I'm afraid that the babies will get stepped on by the bigger ones. I want to keep them with Mom but I don't want them to get trampled by the bigger ducks.

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