Broody laying or 2 eggs from 1 chicken?


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May 13, 2018
Northern California
So I have 2 buffs. One buff, Daffodil, is broody, and I just transported her into a broody breaker in the garage. Yesterday, I got an egg from my other buff, Goldie, in her usual nesting box. Then I saw Goldie go back in, and was worried she was going broody too. Later though, there was another buff egg in that box! Usually Daffodil lays in the box she's currently broody in. Today, there was a buff egg in the box Goldie uses. Now Goldie is back in that box. I guess we'll see if she lays or if she's going broody. What's more possible? Broody laying, or 2 eggs from one hen? I also have Daffodil on medicine, so I can't eat her eggs. Very confusing.

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