broody laying

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    Jun 6, 2010
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    We have a hen that we thought was broody. We brought her into the house and put her in a box. This was on Monday. We put 9 eggs under her just to see if she could hatch them. She laid an egg on Tuesday. Yesterday she did her buisness in the straw. We noticed it was real runny then saw all the eggs were dirty and one was missing(she ate everything!) We changed out the box, cleaned up the eggs, put in fresh straw and everything was good. This morning there was another egg. Could she not be broody?
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    Doesn't sound broody to me, some hens just sit on the nest for a while before they lay. They don't lay eggs when they're broody. It's usually pretty easy to tell. Does she puff up her feathers and screech at you or other chickens when they get near the nest? Another good way to tell is if they stay on the nest all night even when they're in the coop with the other birds, instead of getting on the roosts.

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