Broody left eggs- Please help?


Sussex Fanatic
10 Years
May 18, 2009
England, United Kingdom
Ok, my broody left her eggs this morning for the other hen house. I went outside lifted her and put her back on the eggs, which were mildly warm. I think she may have gone out for food and gone in the wrong house, so I put up some fencing to stop her from going into the wrong house. This is her first time sitting on eggs, she is sitting on 6 and is on day 2. If the eggs were still warmish would the embryos in the eggs survive. The hen house was pretty warm, but it was a wet day today. Any ideas?
I don't know anything about it but please keep us posted so we know what happened. Oh and don't forget pics. I love pics. I see pics and I check out the post. Hope all goes well.

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