Broody Leghorn...?!?!


8 Years
Oct 21, 2011
I've spent some time researching this... but I'm still not convinced.

I have 9 Leghorn hens, and they are 1 1/2 year olds. One is missing her breast feathers! She has been sitting on the nest box for several hours each day, and flattens herself out in the nest box, but roosts at night. My roos are just now "coming of age", so could my girl be broody??? I thought that Leghorns didn't go broody......

Any advice would be appreciated...
Usually Leghorns don't go broody. But it can happen even with the best commercially bred birds. In fact I have one right now that is determined she's going to hatch some chicks! I've got an ISA Brown that's broody too.

It has been mostly, but not quite entirely, bred out of commercial birds.
I have a Rose Comb White Leghorn that just last week hatched out 4 little chicks. Although it's not as common for them to go broody as say a Cochin obviously it does sometime happen.
My Leghorns are SQ, so I wasn't entirely sure if they would go broody... so hopefully that explains the missing feathers ( I am finding white feathers in the nest box)

Thank you for letting me know it isn't impossible ~ I am removing the eggs from under her several times a day to discourage broodiness because I already have three coops full of chickens, and DH says NO MORE!! ( but I just MAY let her sit on some if she keeps at it
Since she does get off of the nest at night and roost I would say she is not serious. I have a RIW sitting on eggs right now and I have to take her off of her nest for awhile every day or she won't get off even to eat, drink or poop. When I take her off and block the nest box she will eat a little, drink some and poop. As soon as I unblock the nest she is back on it in a flash. I have an RSL that is like yours, she will get in and out of the nest box. When she gets out she goes out into the yard and tries to pick fights with the other birds. I figured she is not serious so she is in jail right now.
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Went to put the girls to bed last night, and she wouldn't leave the nest box! And she has been there all day today... I'm guessing she finally decided to go for it. I let her have the four eggs that she had stolen today, and if she stays, well that means I get cute fuzzy butts without the bator and brooder in my house

.....if she changes her mind, oh well, I still think its adorable.

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