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    Some of you may remember that I hatched 6 pekins and 2 mallards in my classroom last fall. They have been living on my parents 40 acre ranch in colorado since december. I came home this weekend for a quick visit before school starts. Since december they lost both mallards and one of the pekin hens for various reasons. Currently there are 2 hens and 3 males...i know not the best ratio but they seem to get a long.

    Anyways, my mom always collects the eggs every morning. Well one morning she didnt have time and they had to wait til the next day. Later that afternoon we went to go get the eggs and one of the hens was sitting on them. She was sitting on the nest in their house and was all puffed up and hissing. We decided to leave them.

    Well she shares that nest with the other hen. So the next day there were 3 and then 5 and then 6 and then 8 and now today there are 10 eggs. It has been 5 days since we first saw her sitting and she has been sitting on them the majority of the day since then.

    My question is that when i went out today and put a light to the eggs, figuring i could probably see a little veining in the first 2 eggs, but they all were clear. There is no doubt in my mind that they are fertile. But they dont seem to be doing anything.

    Is she just protecting them currently and not really incubating them because she didnt have enough eggs at the beginning? I was under the impression that they wouldnt start sitting until they had enough but like i said shes been in there almost all day for the last 5 days since there were 2 eggs. Never done the whole broody thing before and I was wondering if anyone could help me with when to start counting, or if she is actually broody?

    She is 9 months old and has the run of the ranch with the other 4 ducks. They are fed flock raiser and are given egg shells once a week.

    One of the things i was concerned about was the multiple hatch thing if she starts sitting. Also will she stop laying eggs once she sits? It seems that she is still laying. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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