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Mar 1, 2020
I've got a MJ born Aug 3, 2020 who started laying in Mid February 2021.
-Went broody Mid-May
-Introduced store-bought chicks May 27th, which she readily accepted after 2 weeks broody.
-Had an INSANE heat wave (115 F) when chicks were 4 1/2 weeks old, MJ pullet rejected chicks and is still aggressive with them now (she seeks them out) that they are 8 weeks old (the other hens in the coop allow the chicks to roost with them since they were rejected by their mother but, will not allow the mother to roost with them because she is SO aggressive with them when they're roosting)....I have room for up to 10 chickens on my VERY large and accommodating roost, I have 5 full grown hens, including the broody pullet).
-The offending MJ pullet laid eggs for just shy of 2 weeks and has GONE BROODY AGAIN.
-We are rooster free.
-MJ pullet is the bottom of the pecking order but, pre chick rearing roosted with the flock.
-We have a 30' x 26' run and a spacious clean coop, 5 feeding areas, 3 water areas, 3 shaded areas and 3 private areas not including the coop.

Has anyone ever had such a young bird go broody?
Then, after a 2 week break go back to being broody?
And, also, being a not so great mom before the chicks were not even 6 weeks old and wanting to do it again?
Should I sell her to someone who needs a broody hen? She certainly isn't good for laying eggs.

Any and all insights or advice are welcome, I am not interested in constantly battling a broody hen. Essie Davis pictured below.


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She's not that young to have gone broody, so that's well within normal. Also weaning chicks at 4.5 weeks old isn't unheard of... hens can wean anywhere from 3 weeks up to several months, if they're just a super mom.

She may be a serial broody, where she recovers after being broody, lays a few eggs, and then begins going broody again. If you really don't want to deal with that, you might be able to get a buyer that's looking specifically for a brooding hen.

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