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    So I have 3 broodies one set on 7 eggs 3 days ago another set on 4 2 days ago and another set on 6 yesterday, I don't have any were to separate them so there all in the same coop, I marked there eggs just in case another hen lays a egg in there nest while there out, my o my problem is when the broody goes out to do her business and another hen goes and sits on the eggs till she lays her egg will they damage them or anything like that? Plus how can I make each hen sit on her own eggs
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    Sometimes they damage them when the leave the nest -- but they also move them about, "turn them;" a lt can go wrong, but with a little luck, they will be gentle and it will work out. You can try rearranging them onto the correct nest -- or you can just leave them where they landed. Not so sure they know the difference.

    Maybe this post will make you feel a little better:
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    I think you should make a real effort to find a way to separate them. Once the chicks hatch it will be bedlam - the mothers will be fighting over them - if there is bloodshed it will be the chicks.
    Could you fashion "broodie corrals out of chicken wire?. Then you lift the broodies out( one at a time) 2-3 times a day so they can poo, eat & drink. It may be a bit more work but a lot easier than using an incubator for all those eggs.
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    I agree. I think you should separate them. If they don't get crushed before hatching they probably will afterwards. Mother hens can be brutal and may kill their chicks while trying to fight off the opposing hen.

    I would put each one either in a separate nest or confined crate. That way they can be alone and peaceful when their babies hatch.
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